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Main Street Piano Studio Louisville, Colorado
Contact Details
Name:   Alexandra Exeter
Phone:   (303) 661-9897
Website:   Click here to go to my website
Facebook:   Click here to go to my Facebook page
Last Update:    2018-04-30 13:32:11
Louisville, Colorado



Concert pianist and music instructor, Miss Alexandra Exeter. The former owner of Exeter Music and 3rd generation student of Claude Debussy, known for her innovative teaching techniques, prize winning students, and recognition as a respected instructor for several companies such as Schmitt Music, Taylor Robinson Music, Musika, Accent Music Lessons, and Lacefield Music.

Renowned for concert performance and holding numerous academic honors, Alexandra Exeter ran one of the largest lesson programs in the St. Louis area, and is now offering her extensive talents as an instructor to students in the Colorado area.

Her specialties as an instructor include studies in: French Classical Technique, training in Educational Psychology, NLP based instruction techniques, and a virtuosic specialization in Romantic Period music such as Chopin and Liszt. With regards to methodology, Alexandra is classically trained and puts an extremely high value on solid sight reading, concrete and practical knowledge of music theory and developing a strong sense of musicality.

Proper instruction of theory and technique will be incorporated; scales, chords, arpeggios and cadences are all important priorities. In addition to this, Alexandra is familiar with various styles of music and makes it a priority that the learning experience is memorable and enjoyable by incorporating music and musical styles that are meaningful to each and every student.

Dr. Stephanie Owen - Piano Performance
Class of 2013 ∑ Romantic Period Repetoire ∑ French Classical Technique ∑ Piano Performance & Pedagogy
Lebanon, Illinois

Dr. Linda Perry - Piano Performance
Class of 2012 ∑ Classical Period Repertoire ∑ Stylistics and Dynamic Controls ∑ Piano Performance/Composition ∑
Edwardsville, Illinois

SIUE Music Department - Piano Performance
Class of 2010 ∑ Edwardsville, Illinois

Frontier Community College - Music Education
Class of 2008 ∑ Psychology ∑ Music education ∑ Piano Performance

Date:  2018-04-30 13:26:38
Description:  \"You Habanera\" performed by Alexandra Exeter.

Date:  2018-04-30 13:25:42
Description:  Student of Alexandra Exeter\'s performing \"Someone Like You\" by Adele.

Date:  2018-04-30 13:24:46
Description:  Winning performance for the Belleville Idol competition.

Name:  Layla S.
Title:  Co-worker Reference
Testimonial:  Alexandra is a very sincere and honest individual who Iíve had the pleasure of working with at Schmitt Music. She is a dedicated and passionate musician. She lives to play piano and is always pushing herself to perfection. Alexandra would be a great addition to any music ensemble.

Name:  Brian L.
Title:  Band Performance
Testimonial:  I have worked with Alexandra as a musician in a local band. Her creative nature and her attention to detail helped us become a local sensation. Alexandra and I wrote music together and performed on stage together. Her stage performance was second to none, and was a true asset to our creation.

Name:  Shiva S.
Title:  Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  Alexandra is an awesome piano teacher, excellent in motivating kids and gets best out of them. She is very flexible and easy to work with. Both of my kids like to learn from Alexandra so much that they recommended her to all of their friends. I strongly recommend Alexandra if you are looking for a excellent piano teacher.

Name:  Kim B.
Title:  Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  Alexandra is an amazing piano teacher for our three children. She is very professional, and works very well with children. She uses different strategies to inspire students by understanding how the child learns best. I highly recommend her as a piano teacher, we have achieved great results.

Name:  Jenn E.
Title:  Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  My 8-year-old son has been taking lessons from Alexandra for several months now and is really enjoying it. Alexandra has a great manner with kids and my son has learned a lot. Plus, the fact that Alexandra comes to our house for the lessons makes it so convenient! We happily recommend her to anyone looking for a cool piano teacher!!

Name:  Dave D.
Title:  Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  In less than a yearís time, Alexandra was able to take me from barely being able to read music to playing two of three movements of a classical sonata. I have many high encomiums for her teaching skills, learning techniques, never ending patience, and an ability to maintain my interest in something I really was not sure about to begin with. Alexandra has been a tremendous pleasure to work with and is my high recommendation for any beginning or intermediate piano student.


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