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Diane's Piano Studio Gilbert, Arizona
Contact Details
Name:   Diane Shephard
Phone:   480-858-0258
Website:   Click here to go to my website
Last Update:    2010-04-04 22:06:28
My studio is located in my Gilbert home which is located off of Lindsay/Gaudalupe.



Diane's Piano Studio specializes in teaching group piano classes featuring the Mayron Cole Piano Method. Students attend class once a week with other students of the same age/level. Class time is 45 min. long & tuition is $75/month.

Piano classes are taught in a fun setting using games, fun piano sounds and using all the senses.

Students can start a young as 4 yrs old! We also teach Adult piano classes as well!

To find out more about the Mayron Cole Method go to


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Name:  Joni Harding
Title:  Diane is awesome!
Testimonial:  We LOVE Diane's Piano Studio!!! I played violin as a child so piano was new to me. I find the music easy for Chase to follow and he really enjoys it. He loves coming to class, he is good about practicing and I as he plays new music, he is able to read it and follow along. It is exciting to watch him grow each week in piano. I am excited to see how he grows over the years. Diane is kind and patient with him which I feel makes the experience that much more enjoyable!!! Diane is AWESOME all the way around!!!!

Name:  Sarah Cluff
Title:  I reccomend Diane to everyone!
Testimonial:  We love the group lessons! My children progressed in their ability to play MUCH faster when they started the Mayron Cole method of playing with Diane. And I can't believe how much theory they learn without even realizing it. I remember hating the theory part of piano lessons. I recommend Diane to everyone I hear talking about piano lessons.

Name:  Tina Crossley
Title:  Our son LOVES going to piano every week!
Testimonial:  We have been so pleased with Diane's Piano Studio. We are amazed at how quickly our child has learned to read music and play piano. The program she uses is easy for parents to follow and our son really enjoys it. Diane is very patient with the students and makes class fun for them. Our son LOVES going to piano every week and Diane's practice incentive program keeps him excited about practicing.

Name:  Lisa Mantle
Title:  Diane is edcated, patient, kind & encouraging!
Testimonial:  My daughter, Taylor, absolutely loves taking lessons from Mrs. Shephard. She has learned and progressed extremely fast over this past 1 1/2 years and we feel that Diane as well as the the Mayron Cole curriculum has everything to do with that. The curriculum continually builds on the previous lesson which helps in the retention of notes, beats, vocabulary, etc. Diane is excellent with Taylor... educated, patient, kind and encouraging. We couldn't ask for more. Thanks, Diane!

Name:  Tauna Richardson
Title:  I don't have to remind her to practice!
Testimonial:  Our daughter has had several piano teachers. We decided to switch to Diane hoping she would learn to sight read & play music quicker. It has been exciting to watch the progress & the best thing is that for the first time, I don't have to remind her to practice & she doesn't complain about doing it. That's a miracle right there! Diane has a fun & bubbly personality that I knew Kaylan would love. She's even mentioned that we should have her brothers take from Diane too because she likes that Mayron Cole Method. We are very pleased. - Tauna Richardson


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