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Thomas Tumolo
Thomas Tumolo
Piano Teacher Brooklyn, New York
Provided my skills of keyboard playing on certain records and various projects. My changes would be recorded and were sent to worldwide major record companies, and I would get credits or points for my work. I edited and completed various songs in specific arrangements. I worked with celebrities such as LL Cool J, BirdSong, Jazz musician "Roy Ayers", and many more. I was a substitute teacher in various schools throughout Brooklyn teaching grade levels k-5.

I was also asked by schools to teach music classes on certain days to give students a treat. The children loved to learn music theory, reading, writing and playing the school piano. The children were able to relate music to other subject matters it was educational for all. I would organize the keyboards, instruments and musicians by arranging the music, and transcribing it for all the members. Rehearsing the new changes, and finally conducting them towards the new changes. We would work through the summer every year all day to practice for the championships. In my last year I made it to the worldwide marching band championships at Meadowlands Stadium in 1994. I played at the arena for thousands of spectators. My job was to play the keyboards live on the forty-yard line to provide backup for the rest of the band. My skills earned numerous points for the competition, and were noted by the sportscaster announcers on radio that night, complimenting me on my skills, which put them in second place.


Brooklyn College-BA in Elementary Education, music 9/94 - 6/99 Msgr. Farrell High School - Diploma 9/91-6/94

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