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Peter & Judith Muir
Piano Teacher Verbank, New York
The Institute for Music and Health (IMH), formerly CPD Music LLC, is a major center based in New York’s Hudson Valley providing specialized training and service for those interested in using music for wellness. We are dedicated to promoting, disseminating and teaching the work of John Diamond MD, a world authority in utilizing the arts in healing, for wellness, and for building community, through a variety of specially designed programs for all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Our Vision

Our vision is broad. Our clients cover the entire span of human life, from toddlers to centenarians, and at all levels of experience and ability, from beginners to professionals. We believe that the basic purpose of music is to help people both as individuals and as communities and our programs are designed to do just that.

Our Approach

Our approach is called the Diamond Method for Music (DMM). It is we believe, by far and away the most comprehensive and effective system for music and wellness ever developed. It not only generally benefits the well-being, but also helps enhance cognitive abilities and personal development. At a more basic, level, it is simply a great way to learn music, one which will bring out your innate talent and creativity.

Reaching Out with Music

A key component of our approach is using music to help others. For instance, we run Community Outreach Programs involving interactive and intergenerational music-making – connecting mainstream and special needs children with seniors – and encouraging increased sociability, self-esteem, functioning and much more.


Our current classes and programs include:

* Sing Out! Reach Out! – Community Outreach Programs for mainstream children and youth.
* E-Special-ly Musical – Community Music for children, youth & adults with Special Needs.
* MusicFun for Kids – Musical activities, games, singing and playing simple percussion instruments & having fun with others. Ages 3 – 12.

For Adults:

* Music Plus – An introduction to using music for wellness. All levels of experience.
* Introduction to the Alexander Technique - World famous approach to body usage with remarkable benefits.
* The Diamond Dart Meridian Sequence – Unique sequence of movements and postures specially designed to enhance your general well-being.

We offer more than just these classes. Please take some time to look round our website and learn more about our unique work.

Contact Info

Phone:  845 677 5871Email:  Judith@musichealth.net
Website:  http://www.musichealth.netFacebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Institute-for-Music-and-Health/101173937629
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/imhnotesMember Since:   2010-03-24

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Video:   "Tiger Rag" played by Peter Muir
Date:   2010-07-07 15:07:34
Description:   Peter Muir New Years Eve 2009 playing "Tiger Rag"

Video:   Peter Muir and Friends: Peter Kiewra "It Had To Be You"
Date:   2010-07-07 15:06:35
Description:   Peter Kiewra accompanied by Peter Muir New Years Eve 2009 singing "It Had To Be You". Video by Anita Fina Kiewra.


Name:  Aileen Jacobson
Title:  Newsday
Testimonial:  “Peter Muir’s nimble piano playing is terrific.”

Name:  Lawrence van Gelder
Title:  New York Times
Testimonial:  "Potent pianist Peter Muir, whose virtuosity does so much to transport the audience to another time."