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Steven Coburn
Piano Teacher Brooklyn, New York
As a teacher, I customize each student's course of study to help them achieve their goals as a musician and pianist. I believe that anyone can play the piano well with the right teacher helping them.

There are lots of teachers out there to choose from, so whether you want lessons for yourself or your child, consider learning form someone who has made a specialty of teaching both children and adults to play piano and read music. I am willing to provide the flexibility busy kids and working adults need. I do not insist on a regular weekly schedule nor on rigid lesson times, and compared to most other teachers, I am very generous in regard to last minute rescheduling.

I will help you learn to play any style you want, but I also provide my students with a comprehensive education in all aspects and styles of music, including basic improvisation skills and theory.

I am one of the longest established teachers in Brooklyn with over 20 years of experience. I am an active performer, with a local following and reputation as a teacher, pianist and composer. I have a bachelor's degree in music education as well as a master's and Ph.D. in music. And, I am the only fulltime private teacher in Brooklyn with significant college-level teaching experience.

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Phone:  718-686-6711Email:  stevendcoburn@aol.com
Website:  http://www.brooklynpianolessons.comFacebook:  
Twitter:  Member Since:   2010-04-27

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