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Bill Green
Bill Green
Piano Teacher Eugene, Oregon
I began piano lessons in West Germany at the age of ten where my teacher had been a former concert pianist. In middle school I studied at the University of Nevada- Reno and during high school my teacher was president of the California Music Teachers Association. I received a degree in piano performance at the University of Oregon under Victor Steinhardt. Since that time, I have been teaching for twenty years. I have taught students of all levels from beginning to very advanced and find the best environment to teach in is the student's home. I approach teaching from a conceptual point of view so that musical understanding is easily transferable from one piece to the next. I cover all the fundamentals of technique as well as applicable theory. Aside from teaching, I play jazz in Eugene from time to time and accompany singers at the university. I have also written a number of compositions and songs. Lesson times are 25 minutes for children and one hour for teenagers and adults. My fees are extremely reasonable.

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