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Robin Black
Piano Teacher Franklin, Tennessee
Imagine being able to play the piano…after only one lesson!At Robin Black Piano Studio in Franklin, Tennessee, we have a unique approach to teaching students how to play the piano. Our method is based on the fact that all people are naturally musical. We teach students in the Nashville metropolitan area to tap into their natural talents and discover immediate success! Results Oriented: When a person decides to learn how to play the piano, they are passionate, excited and eager to learn. We LOVE that excitement and we want our students to feel that positive energy throughout all of their piano lessons. So, we jump right in and go straight to the good part. As a result, our students are able to play AND compose music after only a few lessons! We don’t skip over the nuts and bolts of learning to play the piano. Instead, we let our students’ natural abilities shine through right from the start. Then, as the lessons progress, we incorporate all of the fundamentals into the lessons. This keeps it fun and exciting while building a strong foundation of skills. Everyone Can Benefit: Our students range from the very young to the young at heart! Our method also works especially well for people with special needs, including autism and Alzheimer’s disease. Music is in everyone: Call or email today and unleash your inner musician!

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Phone:  615-519-8324Email:  robin@robinthorpepiano.com
Website:  http://www.robinblackpiano.comFacebook:  https://www.facebook.com/robinblackpiano
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/rbthorpeMember Since:   2010-02-14

Franklin, Cool Springs, Brentwood, Nashville


Video:   Rebekkah, "Sweet Lullaby"
Date:   2011-07-25 11:46:24
Description:   Rebekkah plays her original composition, "Sweet Lullaby"

Video:   Arin, Night Storm Variation
Date:   2011-07-25 11:45:02
Description:   Arin plays her Night Storm Variation after only 3 Lessons!

Video:   "Hallelujah" - Anisa
Date:   2011-07-25 11:44:15
Description:   Anisa, with some help from her dad and sister, sings and plays "Hallelujah" at the 2011 Piano Party


Name:  Alicia
Title:  Mother of 2 students
Testimonial:  “The Simply Music method is a unique way to learn to play the piano! The kids quickly learn a repertoire of songs that enables them to sit at the piano and play for enjoyment, not just to practice. By encouraging students to compose their own pieces, the students learn from the very beginning that piano is a way to express themselves and can be an outlet for emotions. Ms. Robin integrates lots of different activities during each class which keeps the students interested and engaged.”

Name:  Carsten
Title:  Age 8
Testimonial:  “Piano lessons are great and lots of fun. Ms. Robin is a really good teacher.”

Name:  Trevor
Title:  6 year old's success
Testimonial:  “I am amazed that I can play songs and I’m only in Kindergarten! Ms. Robin taught me how to play!”

Name:  Georgia
Title:  Son and Daughter are both students
Testimonial:  "About 8 months ago, as my Husband and I were shopping for a piano, we had the good fortune to meet Robin as she was giving a Simply Music lesson. If we hadn't met Robin on that day, our children were destined for traditional piano lessons. Fortunately, Robin had room for two more students and we started lessons. From the very beginning the children were taught to play with both hands. Eight months later, they have a long list of complex songs that they play with both hands and without the need to look at "sheet music". Additionally, as part of the program, both children have composed several original pieces, including lyrics! Their songs are hilarious. When they are in class Robin teaches music theory in such a way that the children don't even realize they are learning. Everything they do is incorporated into a fun and interactive environment. My one warning to anyone entering a Simply Music lesson: Leave all experience and thoughts based on traditional piano lessons at home! Simply Music is an incredible program and I feel very blessed that my children get to learn this way."

Name:  Nancy
Title:  Brittany loves her time with Robin
Testimonial:  “Brittany has been taking piano lessons from “Miss Robin” for several months now and is working in her Level 3 book. Brittany loves her time with Robin and enjoys learning new pieces. Robin is very patient and motivating for Brittany. She has a very unique way of getting our little gal, who has difficulty focusing very long, to focus on her music and learn it. We’d recommend Robin to you or your children. She’s very talented as a teacher!”

Name:  Sandra
Title:  I just LOVE Simply Music and Robin Thorpe
Testimonial:  "I just love "Simply Music" and Robin Thorpe. With the "Simply Music" method and Robin's ability and knowledge in music and PATIENCE, with an old woman, has helped me with my desire of always wanting to play the piano. I am probably Robin's oldest student, and I can also tell you that you are never too old to start taking lessons. You learn to play a song the very first day. I know I will never be a concert pianist; however no one can take away the self satisfaction that I have when I sit down at my piano to practice. You really do want to practice. I encourage everyone that has ever had the desire to play the piano to call Robin. She's Great."