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Carl's Music Studio Farmersville, Texas
Contact Details
Name:   Carl Herod
Phone:   (972) 741-3708
Website:   Click here to go to my website
Last Update:    2010-03-08 10:54:59
Farmersville, Princeton, McKinney,Wylie, Tx.



University of North Texas, Bachelor of Music Honored at Texas Ranger Stadium as a STARS

Teacher of the Year Award Winner Chosen as the RISD Elementary

Representative to Region “Teacher of the Year” competition

Proclamation of Congratulations from Mayor Steve Mitchell mayor of Richardson, TX.

STARS (Superior Teaching Achievements in RISD) Teacher of the Year, RISD

Honored by the Richardson Education Association as STAR Award Winner at their Annual Banquet

Teacher of the Year, Dobie Primary School , RISD

Featurred in Dallas Morning News Personality Article, “NeighborsGo: In the Classroom” recognition for my teaching technique “Learning through Ventriloquism”

Certificate of Appreciation, Richland Elementary, for “Outstanding Volunteer Service”

Dallas Morning News Article, Personalities Column,

Recognizing work with KidSTOMP in Richardson ISD. Texas Music Educators Association, Award of Recognition, for work with regards to “KidSTOMP”


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Name:  Kelsey
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  "Thank you so much for sharing your talents with me. I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons in voice and guitar. You have helped me increase my range in voice to a point I never thought I could achieve. Mr. Herod, you make it all look so simple. You are an incredible teacher who makes learning fun. As you know, I?ve been singing at small town oprys for a year and I am having the time of my life. I am currently competing in the 2007 KXII Showcase Showdown. I won my first preliminary contest and am very excited about the finals in August. With your instructions I can now hit some of those low and high notes. Thanks again Mr. Herod for helping me achieve my dream. You are awesome!" -Kelsey

Name:  Tracey Cryer
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  Carl the Music Man, Thank you so much for teaching Dakota drums. He got his first drum set in the 5th grade, but when he started taking lessons about a year ago he started having a real passion for them. He has gone from making noise to making enjoyable music. I credit you for this! He has since gotten new drums and now thinks he needs professional quality accessories and equipment. Thanks again for helping Dakota continue on his way to reaching his full potential and desire for learning all he can. By the way, I love being able to hear Dakota and the other kids on the web site! Extremely cool! Tracey Cryer Hen

Name:  Laurie Wilcher
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  "Carl Herod is a very patient music teacher. He always finds a positive way to encourage his student." Laurie Wilcher

Name:  Erika
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  "Thank you for helping me learn so much about guitar, voice and music in general over these last months. Your stories of hard work and determination really inspired me. " -Erika

Name:  Adam
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  "Mr. Herod, You're really cool and i like your music lessons alot." - Adam

Name:  Lee
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  "Carl is a patient and knowledgeable instructor who can illustrate why music is the way it is, by helping you to understand the basics and techniques that you need to teach yourself. " - Lee from Wylie

Name:  Shannon Souddress
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  "Carl Herod is an enthusiastic music teacher who made my son feel special each week that he came for lessons. Carl's sense of humor and understanding of children and music is inspirational." - Shannon Souddress, Music Specialist. Wylie, Texas

Name:  The McCrary's
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  "Carl is an outstanding teacher !! I say that because his passion for his work and students shine ! He brings out the best in your child. Their confidence and self esteem will also rise when you work with him. We recomend Carl to anyone- child or adult." - The McCrary's- Wylie,Tx

Name:  Kristi Bains
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  "Mr. Herod, You have helped to create a love of music in both of my kids. Your style of teaching is light, friendly, and patient. You helped my daughter to feel at ease. She still plays piano, guitar and drums and is writing her own music. She is 14 now and entering High School, but still takes time to practice. " - Thank you and best wishes, Kristi Bains

Name:  Joel Furnace
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  "Carl, Just a quick note to thank you for your outstanding job in teaching both of my kids. They really are doing great in such a short time and have a lot of fun. Thanks Again!" - Joel Furnace

Name:  Beth Bull
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  "I signed my son up for music lessons with Carl after reading about his elementary school program in the newspaper. My son Adam, age 11, has thoroughly enjoyed his piano and guitar lessons and made lots of progress musically as well. Carl is a great teacher and just a fun guy to be around!! " - Beth Bull, Richardson, TX

Name:  Justine McGee
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  "He is very knowledgeable regarding his teaching methods and materials. However, he uses his sense of humor to make lessons more enjoyable. " - Justine McGee

Name:  Martha Lloyd
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  "Carl is a great instructor who makes learning the piano fun for my daughter, Heather. " - Martha Lloyd

Name:  Elly
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  "Hey, its Elly ! I just wanted to say that your the coolest/weirdest music teacher I have ever had." - Elly, Wylie, TX

Name:  Sylvia Wise
Title:  Music Lessons
Testimonial:  "My son James has been taking lesson for 10 months, it has been great! Carl has taught him music as well as passion for learning. James has been able to take what Carl has taught him and expand. It is so exciting to watch him play. I feel very blessed to have Carl right here in Farmersville. Carl is so patient and gifted in teaching music. Now my son has a talent he can enjoy the rest of his life. Thank you Carl! " - Sylvia Wise - Farmersville Texas

Name:  Jan Hooper
Title:  Music Lessons!
Testimonial:  "Carl is a very talented, creative and well liked music teacher. I have been teaching music for over 30 years and have seen very few as well qualified as Carl." - Jan Hooper, Music Specialist, Richardson, TX


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