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Daniels Music Studio Grays Harbor, Washington
Contact Details
Name:   Nikkol Daniels
Phone:   360-593-2746
Website:   Click here to go to my website
Facebook:   Click here to go to my Facebook page
Last Update:    2016-07-02 21:39:15
Grays Harbor County, Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Cosmopolis, Elma, Montesano, Central Park, Pacific County, Westport, Ocean Shores, Taholah, Ocean City, Tokeland



The Teacher, The Musician, The Goal
My name is Nikkol (Wirta) Daniels & I began my music adventure at age 4, classical training at age 7 & piano pedagogy at age 15 under the direction of Laura Boyer & Judy Reynvaan & mentorship with Helena Smith.

I take my passion, art & business very seriously; striving to maintain high standards & ethics in my studio & teachings. As a member of GHMTA, WSMTA & MTNA, students have opportunities that they would otherwise not have access to.

It is very important that students understand basic music concepts, comprehend elements of music & interpret music creatively. Students should be imaginative, creative, & inspired to feel their lives being enriched by music.

My studio isnít affiliated with any school district. However, lessons are to be treated with the same level of importance as school & sports. Once you register remember your commitment to music study of music when scheduling other activities.

Studio & Styles of Music Taught
Students have access to a Baldwin acoustic piano, Rolland synthesizer, Peavey amp, various music books & other supporting materials. Music Terminology, Rhythm, Sight-Reading, Technique, Theory, & History are covered during the year. Students are encouraged to explore various styles and bring music to their lessons that they would like to learn.

Programs & Services Offered

Accompaniment & Performance ~ I accompany studio & non-studio musicians, for competitions, festivals, & other music events. I also perform as a solo pianist/keyboardist & vocalist for various events: school concerts, weddings, funerals, dinner parties & church services.

Piano/Keyboard Lessons (ages 4 thru 18) ~ Based upon age, level & ability, students are assigned for either 30 or 45 minute lessons/week; Group classes are once a month in place of individual lessons (except Summer term). Students develop core music skills as they recreate music of various composers.

Adult Piano/Keyboard Lessons (ages 18+) ~ As a beginner or someone who hasn't played in a while, adults can succeed in lessons. Most importantly, they can use music as a stress reliever, for relaxation, and family enjoyment. Most adult students are doing this for personal enjoyment & they may have work/family schedules to work around.

Mini Music Lessons & Classes (ages 4 thru 7) ~ Lessons for younger students are more consistent of learning songs, singing, playing different hand instruments, learning rhythms, playing music games and basic concepts of music. Later in the year they may be introduced to the piano and/or synthesizer.

Why Take Music Lessons? Music is for all ages! Develop hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills; Improve listening skills; Build self-confidence; Enhance academic learning, especially mathematics; Lay the foundation for career & life success; Promote independence, self-regulation, & maturity; Slow the aging process; Reduce stress; Develop independent critical thinking & creative problem solving skills; Provide a safe outlet for self-expression & self-awareness; Hone mental acuity & bolster brain functioning.


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Date:  2016-07-02 21:29:52
Subject:  Summer Lessons & the 2016/2017 Year
Blog:   Lessons are going strong this summer!

Some new students, lots of current students & past students as well!

The greatest surprise is how many students want to learn Classical music - which is great since that\\\'s my forte (pun intended).

When I started formal piano lessons, I was bombarded with Baroque, Classical & Romantic era music. Lots of Bach, Beethoven & Mozart along with Chopin, Debussy, etc.

In Music classes I dominated Bach, Beethoven & Mozart music. Yes, it felt great to be envied. Then college happened, and it was a whole new world. Mind you, my piano teacher prior to my 10th grade year enforced theory. My piano teacher after 9th grade was more lackadaisical with theory which was my major downfall when I entered the collegiate world of music, and I never quite forgave her (or myself) for allowing theory to go by the wayside.

That\'s why, I incorporate theory in each & every lesson, including group classes. Yes, students some times dread it, but to see their eyes light up when they start understanding the concepts of music theory is the best thing ever!

I have also been working on updating the Studio Policies. With writing, editing, proof reading, having another music teacher proofread and rewriting, it\\\'s finally done!

Also updated the 2016/2017 Calendar of Events. These all will be sent out to both prospective and current students.

There are few minor changes, as always, each year. Most of the changes have to do with tuition, lessons, and group classes. Nothing major, but parents/students need to be aware of these changes, which brings me to another subject!

Daniels Music Studio is having a Meet & Greet, August 15th from 5:30-6:45, with refreshments, Q&A session and \"tour\" of the studio. This is not only open to prospective and current students, but open to the general public.

I am so excited and look forward to the 2016/2017 year!