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Classical Piano Studio Waterloo, Wisconsin
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My name is Emily, and I am twenty years old, working for a degree in piano perforance and pedagogy (teaching). I have taught piano lessons since I was a sophomore in high school and it is my passion!

I spend a great deal of time creating the best approach for my students individually - not a "one-size-fits-all" method that takes little consideration of the student's personality, learning pace, and learning style. My students thrive at their own pace, and I help them along with friendly encouragement, hoping to share my contagious love for the piano on to them!

My students begin with a basic lesson book and music theory workbook, and when they begin to learn to read notes off of the grand staff of music, they begin studying technique (strengthening of the fingers) and sightreading (the art of sitting down to play music for an audience without first practicing it). They will also be given a "for fun" book that is filled with songs that are fun and interesting for the student, helping to improve his/her musicality without the student thinking he/she's doing "work!"

When they have shown their ability to handle these skills, I slowly add in a system of rotation that allows them to study other skills - without burning them out. These studies include aural skills (learning to listen and understand what is being played without looking at music), composition abilities (writing their own music), improvisation (making up their own melodies using a "lead sheet" as a guide), and scale and arpeggio exercises.

I am careful to not overwhelm the student and to only study an amount that is sufficient for the him or her. Generally, however, my students become excited enough in music that they are happy to take on these new studies! If a student needs extra help learning a new skill, I have dozens of fun games that help to instill a musical concept into the student's mind!

I also have a list of "Special Piano Projects" that allow the student an opportunity to do some musical research on his or her own time (such as doing a report about a composer or a period of music). These projects are optional, but those who complete them earn big rewards!

My "reward system" uses "practice dollars": the student keeps track of how much money they make each week (by completing a certain number of exercises, memorizing a song, practicing at least 5 days a week, etc.), and at the end of the year, they are given the amount of money they earned to spend on prizes "sold" at the yearly recital!

I love teaching piano and teach mostly children, but I also have taught adults. I use a method that allows an adult to begin playing popular and familiar tunes off of the grand staff within weeks!

I have very affordable rates and will be happy to answer any other questions you have. Please give me a call or send an e-mail and you or your child/ren can soon begin studying in the vast and exciting world of music!


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