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A Passion for Jazz! Studios San Diego, California
Contact Details
Name:   D C DowDell
Phone:   (619) 855-2069
Website:   Click here to go to my website
Facebook:   Click here to go to my Facebook page
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Last Update:    2014-11-20 07:03:29
Greater San Diego area.



Bachelors of Music Education, UCLA
Masters of Music Composition, UNT

Accepting motivated students for private music study: Piano Performance, Jazz Theory & Music Composition.

A Passion for Jazz! Music Studios
2040 Columbia Street
San Diego, CA 92101-8405

Date:  2012-08-20 23:11:29
Description:  D C DowDell (p) Rob Thorsen (b) Eduardo Sabogal (d)

Date:  2011-07-24 04:33:02
Description:  D C DowDell(p) Darren Wagner(b) Shae Moseley(d)

Date:  2011-07-24 04:31:49
Description:  D C DowDell(p) Darren Wagner(b) Shae Moseley(d)

Name:  Ted Price, Encinitas, CA
Title:  Testimonial for Jazz Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  "As someone who has played the piano for over 40 years, I was very interested in learning how to play improvisational Jazz. D C provided me with a simple and powerful system and a great repertoire of Jazz standards that has elevated my skills and has opened up a whole new world of music and live performance. I really enjoy the annual recital and it is great to see students of all ages and abilities who are benefiting from D C DowDell's instruction."

Name:  Joyce Watkins, Ocean Beach, CA
Title:  Testimonial for Jazz Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  "D C DowDell is a great piano teacher.....he goes beyond anything I have ever experienced.....and I have taken lessons off and on since 1953....he is able to teach how to be creative on the keyboard.....and after years of following the music....that is what I sit down and start playing my own music....different everytime. He can teach at any level...from beginners to professionals.....the best!"

Name:  Mary Talbot Fee, Bay Park, CA
Title:  Testimonial for Jazz Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  "D C DowDell is an amazingly talented person. He never skims a subject, but delves more deeply than most to where his expertise is unquestionable. He is patient and methodical, yet has a playful side that makes learning with him a special joy. His website is a wonderful source of Jazz information, history, theory and piano technique. Explore it and you're bound to learn something!"

Name:  Ben Daley, San Diego, CA
Title:  Testimonial for Jazz Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  "I took piano lessons when I was a kid and then quit. I started playing around a little on the piano in my mid-thirties. After a year, I realized that I should try taking lessons again because I wasn't making that much progress. I have been taking Jazz piano lessons with D C DowDell for two years now, and I can't believe how quickly I am progressing. He keeps you moving on to new songs very quickly, so I always can feel my brain being stretched. Highly recommend D C as a Jazz piano teacher. To my surprise, I am starting to think of myself as a musician!"

Name:  Noah Cosby, Pacific Beach, CA
Title:  Testimonial for Jazz Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  ;"D C DowDell is an excellent Jazz piano teacher. I have worked with him for about 1 year and am light years ahead of where I thought I would be at this point. His approach allows you to push the envelope and play fun songs that would normally take you much longer to learn. He's also extremely knowledgeable in the arts. I'm always learning during my lessons with him. I highly recommend him as a teacher whether you are a beginner or advanced musician. Do yourself a favor and get started now!"

Name:  Jim Georgiev, San Marcos, CA
Title:  Testimonial for Jazz Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  "With a mastery of harmony and piano-voicings, Professor DowDell teaches students to bring the most out of every tune, while facilitating personal expression. His approach to improvisation is based on harmonic understanding rather than the memorization of modes; students learn to formulate musical ideas spontaneously in response to chords played rather than from preconceived ideas. His love for music is infectious and his dedication to the development of his students is inspiring. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, your musical experience will be greatly enhanced by taking lessons with D C DowDell."


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