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Wehrli Publications and Music Studio Valley Village, California
Contact Details
Name:   Barry Wehrli
Phone:   818-766-7545
Website:   Click here to go to my website
Facebook:   Click here to go to my Facebook page
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Last Update:    2019-08-18 09:50:51
San Fernando Valley, Hollywood Hills

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GOAL: Students who thoroughly understand music concepts and techniques, can apply them, and are achieving their goals as a result. Barry Wehrli has provided individual piano instruction and music workshops in his Valley Village, California Piano Studio since 1994. Two years after beginning his teaching practice, Wehrli Publications was founded to produce new, innovative teaching materials to achieve the above-stated goal. Barry has so far authored seven unique books and one compact disc for Wehrli Publications, some co-authored with his wife, Linda. He has performed on piano or keyboard several hundred times in the United States, Canada and Europe and has been an arranger, orchestrator, or programmer for such clients as Yamaha, JVC and Warner Brothers. Barry began formal piano instruction at the age of eight with Dolores Rhoads at Musonia School of Music. During his seven years at Musonia, he also studied both acoustic and electric guitar. With years of piano and guitar training under his belt, Barry shifted into the world of electronic keyboards and synthesizers. Through his high school and college years, he took it upon himself to learn the ins & outs of synthesis and electronic music since classes in these fields were not readily available at the time. At California State University, Northridge, he continued traditional music studies and furthered his piano training under Dr. Sandra Bostrom. Since then, he has studied jazz and blues with renowned pianist Terry Trotter and keyboardist John Novello. Today, Barry continues to teach, perform, produce music at his home studio and head Wehrli Publications. Barry is a member of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and the Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC).

Date:  2014-04-13 20:37:36
Description:  Student Jaden H. performs "Spirit of Play", composed by Barry for the Wehrli Publications book "Classic Series: Volume 2 - Intermediate Basics for the Piano".

Date:  2014-04-13 20:32:37
Description:  Student Aniket G. performs "Excerpt from Gigue" from the Wehrli Publications book "Classic Series: Volume 1 - Beginning Basics for the Piano", composed by Domenico Scarlatti and arranged by Barry and Linda Wehrli.

Date:  2014-04-13 20:25:37
Description:  Student Noah A. performs "This is Halloween" from the motion picture The Nightmare Before Christmas, composed by Danny Elfman.

Date:  2014-04-13 20:18:33
Description:  Student Jane A. performs Chick Corea's "Crystal Silence", arranged by Barry Wehrli.

Name:  Randall & Gail F., Canoga Park, CA
Title:  Testimonial
Testimonial:  We see results that often times brings tears to our eyes as parents when we hear our daughter not only gain more and more command of the piano as an instrument but also develop a deeper and deeper appreciation of music in general. We are convinced that you are helping to create a skill and develop a talent that, at a minimum, will provide our daughter a perennial source of enjoyment throughout her life.

Name:  Cindy F., Burbank, CA
Title:  Testimonial
Testimonial:  I have been very pleased with Barry. He is a challenging yet not overwhelming teacher. He makes piano lessons fun.

Name:  Sue R., Toluca Lake, CA
Title:  Testimonial
Testimonial:  There is no better piano instructor than Barry. Not only does he use effective teaching techniques and materials (his own workbooks) to explain key music points but he also has a great temperament and is very responsive to the student's interests in learning a particular style of music. I worked with Barry to learn jazz techniques after gaining a more solid foundation in scales and other music essentials through my studies with him. I always looked forward to my lessons as Barry made them most enjoyable and I felt my progress throughout the time I studied with him. As an adult piano player who returned to lessons after a hiatus of a few years, I found that Barry brought out the best in me as I sought to further my piano skills and playing. I highly recommend him.

Name:  Jan S., Burbank, CA
Title:  Testimonial
Testimonial:  I have been taking piano lessons from Barry for over a year and a half. I am learning to be a more well-rounded piano player, learning theory, keyboard skills, classical and children's music. Barry is very thorough, patient, and energetic. He makes learning piano fun.

Name:  Devan J., West Hills, CA
Title:  Testimonial
Testimonial:  Barry uses an effective teaching method that provides a comprehensive understanding of the piano at my own pace. His weekly lesson plans and grading techniques provide an organized and simple way to learn how to play the piano.

Name:  Linda W., Northridge, CA
Title:  Testimonial
Testimonial:  Our older son agreed to take to take piano lessons on a trial basis. After only one month under Barry’s care and guidance,he decided to continue and has enjoyed piano for the past five years. Our younger son is just completing his first year. I’ve seen first-hand how Barry’s originality and personalized instruction carries a project from beginning to end. It is wonderful to see the progress – from a student who cannot read music to one who composes and plays for his own enjoyment.

Name:  Dorle S., Van Nuys, CA
Title:  Testimonial
Testimonial:  Mr. Wehrli provides a step by step sure to learn how to play piano with concrete and effective lessons on how to read and apply notes from book to the piano itself. He wants to make sure that all his students learn each note, understand each lesson and plays piano correctly with correct position and movements of the hands and fingers. He is also very patient instructor, will work with you to strengthen your weaknesses, and will make sure that you understand everything before he goes and proceeds to another lesson. He has all the excellent qualities that make up an excellent piano instructor, you wont regret any minute you paid for. He also will work with you in times of hectic schedules. What more can you ask for?

Name:  J.D.A, Sherman Oaks, CA
Title:  Testimonial
Testimonial:  Barry is one of the greatest teacher I've come across. His teaching style motivates you to learn more and to become a better player. He explains theory when necessary to help his students to have better understanding of certain materials. I've learned so much over the year. His passion for music is what keeps me interested in having him as my piano teacher. I definitely recommend Barry if you want to grow as a musician!

Date:  2014-04-13 20:58:28
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