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Piano Lessons By Pam Sarasota, Florida
Contact Details
Name:   Pam Bettis
Phone:   941-374-0038
Website:   Click here to go to my website
Facebook:   Click here to go to my Facebook page
Twitter:   Click here to go to my Twitter page
Last Update:    2013-06-15 19:24:14
Sarasota Florida, Sarasota, Venice Florida, Venice, Nokomis Florida, Nokomis, Lakewood Ranch Florida, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton Florida, Bradenton, Osprey Florida, Osprey

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Piano Lessons by Pam offers private piano & keyboard lessons for all ages. Pam Bettis is a music teacher that really cares about her students and strives to offer the best piano and keyboard teaching experience possible! Get in on the fun today! Call Pam at Piano Lessons by Pam at (941) 374-0038 for an appointment today!

Date:  2013-06-15 19:19:02
Description:  Ciara is playing with such joy and exuberance! Fabulous job Ciara, keep up the good work.

Date:  2013-06-15 19:16:11
Description:  Allison started taking lessons with Ms. Pam at 6 years old. Music is a big part of Allison's life and she manages her piano practice quite nicely, with her very busy schedule.

Date:  2013-06-15 19:11:29
Description:  Nirmal has been taking lessons a few short months now and already feels very confident about his playing. Good job Nirmal!

Date:  2013-06-15 19:08:00
Description:  Tyler started piano lessons with Ms. Pam at age six (6). He has become a fine pianist and strives to master all of his pieces. His family is very proud of him!

Name:  Jaimie Tabar
Title:  Ms. Pam has changed my life!
Testimonial:  Ms. Pam is the best teacher I have ever had. I started taking an interest in music in 5th grade and decided to go with the piano. I use to be a straight C student and could never get my grades up any higher no matter what I did. However, when I met Ms. Pam and started taking lessons, I started getting straight As. To prove that even further, I have never gotten a C on my report card since and that is because of music. Playing piano with Ms. Pam has also lead me to play two other instruments, the guitar and the cello. Since piano uses the treble and bass clef, I already knew how to read the music for the guitar and cello. Ms. Pam is a wonderful teacher. She has taught me all I need to know to read music and I can now read music like people read books. With her teaching me I have gotten a Superior With Distinction in my Solo Ensemble Competition. That means I move on to state and the With Distinction means the piece was performed by memorization, and the piece is six pages long. I love playing the piano and Ms. Pam is the best piano teacher. She is always calm and helps me understand mistakes I make. I have never had any other teacher like her. I am going to miss her when I go to college in two years. I have been with her for 7 years and will always come to visit her and her new students when I leave.

Name:  Steve Frey
Title:  Pam Bettis - Great Influence!
Testimonial:  Thinking back on the people who influenced my life, Pam Bettis came to mind. After taking organ/piano lessons quite a few years ago, I remember she was a constant, caring, positive role model for me. I still can tickle the ivories, but not as well as I could with Pam's excellent teaching abilities. I needed some structure in my life and she provided it through lessons. That was many years ago, but I still carry those lessons with me today. Thanks Pam for influencing my life. Wishing many more years of teaching!

Date:  2013-06-15 18:50:34
Subject:  Local Professional Offers Piano Lessons In Sarasota Florida
Blog:  Piano Lessons By Pam offers professional piano lessons in Sarasota Florida that are available to the local community. For over 40 years, we have offered our knowledgeable and skilled piano instruction for people of all ages and have fine-tuned the art of performing and teaching piano skills to interested individuals. We specialize in offering piano lessons for beginners adult piano lessons, kid’s piano lessons, private piano lessons and much more. If you’re looking for affordable piano lessons in Sarasota that offer you multiple benefits and skills that will play a part of your daily life, we have all of the lessons that you need. Whether you’re a beginner or want to fine-tune your skills, we have the right techniques to teach you. Client Care - We are committed to helping our clients understand the art form of playing the piano. Working closely with you, we will identify how to best teach you, as an individual. We will come up with a plan that will offer you the best way possible to reach your goals and will always encourage your growth as a piano player. All of our adult piano lessons in Sarasota are available to you with the same attention to detail and instruction. “Get In On The Fun Today!” - Piano Lessons By Pam offers the best piano lessons for beginners in Sarasota and is able to help you develop from the moment your fingers touch the keys. Starting at a young age our kid’s piano lessons in Sarasota are available from early ages and offer benefits for development such as; goal setting, teamwork, coordination, problem solving and much more. These same benefits are offered through our adult piano lessons in Sarasota and our methods of teaching are adjusted for the age and current skill sets of all of our clients. Call today and talk to a leading professional that provides top quality piano lessons in Sarasota! Call Ms. Pam at (941) 374-0038 or email Ms. Pam at Sarasota Piano Lessons - We Make Learning Fun!