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Melody Piano Lapeer, Michigan
Contact Details
Name:   Suzan Pleva
Phone:   8103385795
Website:   Click here to go to my website
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Last Update:    2015-04-14 12:29:28
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Melody Piano is a private piano studio located in Metamora, Michigan. There are currently students from age 4, to 67 enrolled. My name is Suzan Pleva. I am an independent piano instructor who is classically trained. I have played the piano for 22 years and feel that I have found my true calling. I was born with the ability to play by ear, and am very well rounded in every aspect of playing the piano. I feel very passionate about teaching others to become as well rounded in this arena as possible. I really enjoy working with children. I am very patient with helping individuals understand each and every concept of the piano that is introduced to them. I believe that music can bring you closer to emotion. It can take you to any place that you prefer to go. It can help your mind focus on more than what is in front of you by inspiring your imagination to be free and open. In short, music teaches virtue, tolerance, kindness; it teaches us about other languages and cultures. It stimulates the higher functioning of the brain, reduces stress, and improves socialization. As an instructor, I understand these things, and seek to be not merely a teacher, but a mentor who serves as a constant source of inspiration and encouragement.

Date:  2015-04-14 10:43:24
Description:  See this video to get acquainted with the activity that happens with the Students and Instructor of Melody Piano in Metamora, Michigan.

Name:  Steve Farley
Title:  Great Piano Teacher!
Testimonial:  "Would refer students to this company every time! I have worked with Suzan Pleva of Melody Piano in the past and also currently. Suzan is an amazing teacher. She has referred many of her students and clients to me for piano tuning. They only have good things to say about her as a teacher. I would recommend Melody Piano to anyone who asked me." Steve Farley: Piano Tuner and Technician, 'Farley's Piano Tuning'

Name:  Melissa Lovins
Title:  Highly Recommended Piano Teacher
Testimonial:  I Highly Recommend This Teacher My daughter and I have been taking piano lessons from Suzan for a while. I am thrilled with what we have been learning from Suzan. She is an excellent teacher and is able to teach both my daughter (age 9) and I in completely different ways that suits our individual needs for learning, I would not hesitate to recommend Suzan to anyone else that desires to learn to play piano- young or old! Melissa Lovins: Oxford, Michigan

Name:  Mary Brasile- JP's Piano Moving
Title:  Respected Instructor in the Area
Testimonial:  "Suzan Pleva, owner of Melody Piano, is obviously a well loved piano instructor. Our piano moving crews get to see the excited students who receive their practice piano, and they all say that 'Miss Suzan' is going to be so happy at their next session. We appreciate Suzan's continued trust in our company. She's a valued member of our local business associates. Mary Brasile, Management- JP's Piano Moving

Date:  2015-04-14 10:53:39
Subject:  My Journey as a Music Educator
Blog:  There are so many things in life to be grateful for. One of the things a person can be certainly thankful for is when they have found a job that they not only love, but know that it is their true calling in life. I am one of these fortunate individuals. I can honestly say that since I have become a music educator, there has not been a single day that I have regretted going to work. Recently, I was going through a box of old family pictures. When looking at each, I was basking in the nostalgic feeling that each one brought to me. I found a picture of myself on the day of my very first piano recital. I was 9 years old. When I looked at the picture, it really made me think about my students. I remember the feeling of excitement, and well, terror that I had on the day of my first piano recital. I also remember the sense of accomplishment and relief I had once I had finished my performance and received the applause from the audience. I then had a rush of complete pride come over me, and I started to visualize that same look that I get to see on my students faces when they finish playing at recitals. I then started to think about the fact that I get to see that look every day, and I get to share that feeling with them each and every time they accomplish what they set out to do. There is seriously no better feeling then to get to experience this. It just amazes me how my career in music education has really come full circle. I have only just begun teaching, and I know that there is a long road ahead of me. I am very excited for this. I am waiting to see what happens when my students are older, and turn back to look at the picture of their very first piano recital. I wonder what imprint I will have on their futures.