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Gannon Music Studio Cobourg, Ontario
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Name:   Jo-Anne GANNON
Phone:   905-377-0654
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I was introduced to the piano as a very young child. We always had one in our home. My father played magically by "ear! He could not read a note but played anything you could hum. What a gift he had! Oh how I wanted to play. At age 7, I began taking lessons from a teacher who lived several blocks away from our home. By age 12 I had completed Grade 8 RCM and Grade1 and 2 Theory... My lessons ended at the age of 14, as I was preparing for my grade 9 practical exam.... My priority was high school, and the additional time required for piano practice was just too much. Luckily I continued to play throughout the years, and at age 58 after an early retirement, returned to lessons! Within a few years I was getting requests from neighbors for piano lessons for their children. This started 10 years of teaching...up to 6 students...some progressed to grades 7 and 8 of RCM as well as Theory...basic, intermediate, and advanced! I enjoyed every moment of teaching them,and still hear from past students about how much they enjoyed learning to play. One student, in particular, joined the school band, played several instruments for 4 years, formed his own band( that has had a successful start) and is entering a Music Program at College in 2018! All I ever wanted for these students was to instill in them a love for the piano, and music in general, that would take them through their lives with an avenue open to them for enjoyment and even solitude.. I've been told that I succeeded and that makes me very happy and satisfied that I have passed along my love of Classical music. I presently have one eager adult retiree in grade 1 RCM who has become a joy to teach. I look forward to teaching as long as possible😊 Jo-Anne Gannon


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