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Aurora Music Lessons Aurora, Colorado
Contact Details
Name:   Evan Pilate
Phone:   720-206-7669
Website:   Click here to go to my website
Last Update:    2021-08-11 11:07:58
Aurora and Denver in Colorado



Evan Pilate has been teaching private lessons since 2011 and is currently available to teach lessons in his studio in Southeast Aurora or in the clientís home. Service is provided to a large clientele throughout Aurora and Denver. Mr. Pilate has helped students to learn the fundamentals of piano playing, give successful public performances, win local competitions, and enjoy playing for their own self enrichment. Evan Pilate received his training from the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver where he received a bachelorís degree in Piano Performance in 2011 under the tutelage of Steven Mayer, David Genova, and Alice Rybak. After graduating, Evan became a certified Suzuki Piano Instructor through the Suzuki Association of the Americas, training with Jane Reed, Joan Krzywicki, and Mary Craig Powell. He received the Top Music Teacher Award from Schmitt Music in 2017 and from Steinway and Sons in 2018. As an expert is his field, he looks forward to helping new students achieve their goals. Mr. Pilateís teaching style is thorough, methodical, motivating, and patient. Each student is given a customized approach that fits their unique learning process. The program includes weekly one-on-one lessons, piano study books such as Faber Piano Adventures, and learning technology to engage students. The studio is equipped with an Essex Grand Piano with player features, electric keyboard, music library, recording library, and WiFi internet. Scheduling and administrative services are provided by My Music Staff. The program also offers several opportunities for the students to perform and showcase their skills. There are four private recitals every year at Classic Pianos or Schmitt Music. Clients also have access to Aurora Music Teacherís Association events, including Achievement Day, Composition Festival, and the Four Forms Festival.

Date:  2019-09-24 07:24:45
Description:  Evan Pilate plays Love at First Sight

Date:  2019-09-24 07:24:06
Description:  Evan Pilate plays In the Mirror by Yanni

Date:  2019-09-24 07:23:27
Description:  Evan Pilate plays Felitsa by Yanni

Date:  2019-09-24 07:22:35
Description:  Evan Pilate plays Waves of The Atlantic

Date:  2019-09-24 07:21:41
Description:  Evan Pilate plays Piano Sonata in F Major by Beethoven

Date:  2019-09-24 07:20:33
Description:  Evan Pilate plays Partita in C Minor by Bach

Date:  2019-09-24 07:18:50
Description:  Aurora Music Lessons January Recital 2017

Date:  2019-09-24 07:17:45
Description:  Aurora Music Lessons Recital October 2015

Date:  2019-09-24 07:16:41
Description:  Aurora Music Lessons Recital June 2019

Date:  2019-09-24 07:15:35
Description:  Aurora Music Teachers Recital February 2017

Date:  2019-09-24 07:13:49
Description:  Adult Potluck November 2017

Date:  2019-09-24 07:12:29
Description:  Aurora Music Teachers Association Recital February 2017

Date:  2019-09-24 07:08:14
Description:  Aurora Music Lessons Recital February 2018

Date:  2012-03-09 14:57:51
Description:  Evan Pilate play's Chopin's Barcarolle

Date:  2012-03-09 14:56:22
Description:  Evan Pilate plays Maurice Ravel's Jeux d'eau

Name:  J. Amor
Title:  Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  Evan Pilate is a wonderful Piano teacher. He is very patient and meticulous in his teaching. He pushes both my kids at just the right pace and we see them enjoy their practice and learning.

Name:  D. Huntington
Title:  Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  I am one of Evanís adult students and he has been everything that I have wanted in a piano teacher. He has high musical standards and he has my long term interest of piano mastery in mind.

Name:  A. Reddy
Title:  Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  My so has been taking piano lessons from Evan since he was five. He is now 12 and still loving piano as much as the day he started. Evan makes learning fun. Highly recommend.

Name:  J. Varnak
Title:  Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  Evan is very professional & able to keep Gabby focused on her learning. She is very animated with everyone, a social butterfly. But she respects Evan\'s knowledge & exceptional talent, therefore pays close attention to all he says & teaches. He\'s really a great person, teacher, & accomplished pianist. We\'re so fortunate to have found him to be Gabby\'s piano instructor.

Name:  T. Ha
Title:  Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  My daughter has been taking lessons from Evan Pilate for 7 years now and he does a wonderful job with her.

Name:  I. Fadem
Title:  Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  Very professional.

Name:  A. Bowers
Title:  Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  Evan is great with kiddos. We are very lucky to have found him for lessons. We couldn\'t ask for anyone better.

Name:  M. Schroeder
Title:  Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  Evan runs a very professional business! My son started lessons with him in January of 2018. Evan is very open to input from the student and parent to enable him to provide the best experience for everyone.

Name:  F. Gonzalez
Title:  Piano Lessons
Testimonial:  Our boys ages 11 and 7 have been taking piano lesson from Evan for a little over a year now. They have made a tremendous progress and their sight reading is excellent, thanks to his measured teaching process. Evan tailors each kid\'s lesson according to their age and capability. He\'s also flexible in making any changes necessary for better


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