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Eva Martin
Piano Teacher Marblehead, Massachusetts
After teaching in private practice for nine years, and experiencing all different styles of learning including special needs, I can say that it is a marvelous never-ending education for me and one that I cherish. I strive first and foremost to foster a love of music and a desire to create and play it. The ability to play an instrument and create music enhances life in general, strengthens cognitive processes and helps foster the important skill of self-discipline. I am proud to be able to help my students in their endeavor to become proficient at the piano. Above all, there should be joy and and energy in the studio. The ability to play with feeling, using dynamics to bring out the colors of each piece, is essential. I love to help my students get in touch with their passion! It is a vital skill to read music in order to learn and play effectively throughout life . I teach intervalically to make the process easier. We learn to read music in both clefs, to count and keep rhythm and also learn music theory. Good position and technique are essential in playing with fluidity and control. While practice is always difficult, especially for those with busy schedules, I stress the importance of the discipline of setting a regular schedule with a positive attitude. I believe strongly that anyone who is willing to put in a fairly regular schedule of practice can be successful at learning to play at whatever level they strive for. At my studio we learn to appreciate music of all kinds with instruction in the classical, blues, pop, rock and jazz styles. Teaching is a gift to me. I get as much from my students as I hope they get from me. My students and their families are my music family!

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