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Rosanna Lee Buchs
Piano Teacher Brooklyn, New York
Hi and Welcome to Rosanna Piano Studio! At Rosanna Piano Studio, we offer one-on-one private piano lessons for children, adults, beginners, and advanced players in our studio OR in the comfort of your home. Not only do we teach students how to play the piano and master different skills required to play the instrument well. We also address and inspire students in their learning posture towards piano playing as well as teaching them how to perform in front of others, which we believe both are required skills in all areas of life. We’ve seen students who were intimidated by the stage at first and were reluctant to perform. But overtime, we worked with them and showed them how to manage their stage fright. Now, they look forward to our bi-annual recitals and don’t think twice about getting on stage. We’ve seen another student who was shy and played quietly in her first piano performance. We worked with her in the lessons on how to combat that shyness and fear. In our recent winter recital, the way she performed…she looked like she owned the stage. Someone made a remark that she played like a different person! These are the progress we celebrate. These are the stories we live for. Talent is overrated- ANYONE can learn how to play the piano. Students studying with us will learn determination, self-discipline, patience, courage to learn new skills, and experience the joy of piano playing and performance.

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New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn)


Video:   Spring Piano Recital- June, 2014
Date:   2014-08-22 15:44:50
Description:   22 of our students performed at this recital. Great job!

Video:   When the Saints Go Marching In
Date:   2014-02-28 08:45:05
Description:   Student Ruthie (Age 10)

Video:   January, February...
Date:   2013-04-16 12:44:10
Description:   Highlights in early Spring!

Video:   Sounds of March
Date:   2013-04-16 12:42:20
Description:   Highlights of students' playing during lessons.


Name:  Francesca
Title:  Son Age 6
Testimonial:  "My six-year-old son started lessons with Rosanna six months ago, after studying for about a year elsewhere. The difference in his attitude and motivation was immediate. Rosanna somehow manages to be challenging without any threat to the basic joy of playing music. She tailors her lessons to her students' particular needs, gives very precise feedback and practice instructions, and organizes wonderful recitals that the students love. Rosanna is patient, good-humored, and an excellent pianist herself--and it's clear that she takes real pleasure in sharing her knowledge. I'm really grateful to have found her."

Name:  Lynda
Title:  Daughter Age 8
Testimonial:  "My daughter loves her lessons with Rosanna and she has improved significantly. Rosanna has done an outstanding job with her technical abilities while making it fun!! I get sent videos on a monthly basis (at least!) of the two of them composing/playing the piano together. I like the methods used during the lessons, which combines collaboration, encouragement, creativity, and technique. I highly recommend Rosanna Piano Studio!!!"

Name:  Cori
Title:  Our 12-year old son
Testimonial:  Our 12-year old son loves piano and it was his idea to take lessons. But, even the most diligent student will fall down once in awhile on his practice. Mostly he practices without any prodding - but get this - he recently asked us to "help him remember" to practice at least 45 minutes each day and to get through all the practice pieces Rosanna recommends at his weekly lesson. I can't emphasize what a big deal this is, but if you have a 12 year-old boy, you might get it. At first, he was determined not to perform in the recital this summer, so I asked Rosanna privately for help encouraging him and presto - he's agreed to perform! I suspect this could be related to the request for us to help him remember to practice. :) Rosanna sends videos once in a while, which are great for sharing with grandparents, etc. - and I see how the resulting "fan mail" he receives from them makes him smile despite his tweenness. She also hands out a "student of the month" award, and he seemed to have an extra bounce in his step the time he won it. Whatever else you're doing, Rosanna, the boy is passionate, practicing - and improving! Not to mention he's sharing it all with us and (gasp) asking us to help him continue improving. It is a joy to see (and, of course, to hear). Thanks Rosanna!

Name:  Trienet del Valle
Title:  Mother of Katerina, 13 years old
Testimonial:  "Rosanna Buchs is an excellent piano teacher. She is a highly skilled professional. She is patient, understands how to teach and motivate young students. She is methodical and comes prepared to lessons. She also uses different techniques to help her students practice and prepare for lessons and offers them the opportunity to perform at recitals. She truly enjoys teaching piano and is a pleasure to have as our daughter's mentor. She is able to understand Katerina's musical interests and passion and incorporates it into her lessons. As a piano player myself, I wish I could have studied under Rosanna's guidance as a child. "

Name:  Veenu Narang
Title:  Mother of Kareena and Kavi, 7 and 5 years old
Testimonial:  "Rosanna has been teaching my daughter piano for the past two years and we have been extremely happy. Rosanna maintains the delicate balance of being a kind and patient teacher while still challenging her students. My daughter works really hard during her lessons but also has lots of fun. Rosanna works with each students' musical interests and encourages students to suggest pieces they would like to play. My daughter was thrilled when Rosanna helped her learn a familiar Dvorak song from an old lullaby CD. We also really enjoy the bi-annual recitals. It is a great exercise for the children to perform in front of an audience and fun to hear all the other students play. We are always impressed with the performances of all the students."