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Dr. Bonnie Woodruff
Piano Teacher Gatlinburg, Tennessee
SEE MY NEW WEBSITE WAY OF TEACHING IF YOU DON'T WANT WEEKLY PIANO LESSONS. Fastrak Easy Classical Piano Skype Lessons/Self-study, "Most Complete Education" for White and Black Key Technique, with a Reading Readness Program for beginners, so they can be at level 3-5 in performance and theory in Book One, achieving 3-5 years in 6 months or less without hours and hours of practice. All patterns are like playing songs. Pages with embedded visual aides with lesson plans. Aurthor of: Bon's Way Fastrak Piano Educational System and God's Creative Design On The Piano which is in my Starter Set. Starter Set: For Students and Teacher Training of 8 Books 1-4 and 8 in White Key Technique with embedded video/audio on the pages, showing also Tonal Formulations as you build your performance. Book 11 Note Drills & Related Subjects, Book 12 continued education through 14 songs. Complete Set of 15 Books, which include continued education in White and Black Key Technique with addition 2 Classical Genres Books and Sacred Piano Artistry Training, with many Styles for church and arranging and composing for all genres of music. Further information at YouTube.com 'sacredpianoartistry'. Teacher with a PhD in Music Education, teaching piano for 52 years, "Allow you to complete your goal and have the needed training for even European conservatory goals. Program is 'game oriented' and by 'associations' making a serious step-by-step piano method FUN to learn this way.

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Phone:  8658011276Email:  dr.bonniejwoodruff@charter.net
Website:  http://www.howdoiplaypiano30days.com/Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bonnies-Bumpus/217416458415334
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/pianodoc2Member Since:   2012-02-05

Teacher through the means of SKYPE.COM at bonnie.woodruff22 with visual teaching students all genres clasics, church and secular. Moved to Gatlinburg, TN, and I have a local Studio for lessons and recording.

504 Bruce Road, Gatlinburg, TN 37738


Video:   Fastrak Easy Classical & Church Piano Lessons
Date:   2012-02-07 13:45:03
Description:   Explanation of this unique piano method.


Name:  Testimonies of my Fastrak Piano Lessons
Title:  Bon
Testimonial:  MY STUDENT'S AND PIANO TEACHER'S PERSONAL TESTIMONIES ABOUT THE BON'S-WAY FASTRAK PIANO SYSTEM I started beginner's piano in 1997, with private lessons. Then my teacher moved away, but I am continuing my piano lessons with the same teacher, by phone, and I am doing great -- and get to keep my teacher! I now play arrangements for piano and songs like "Ballade Pour Adeline" --- "Annie's Song" --- "Prelude C" and "A Time For Us," all the songs are the original scores, all in my first year of piano lessons. I recommend this outstanding program for learning piano --- "Fastrak" for sure! IL Teenage student. The "Fastrak" Piano Course is: (1.) Simple and easy to understand; (2.) Thorough knowledge of the keyboard; (3.) Given in "one-step-at-a-time" method; (4.) the method teaches you the "show-and-tell" method that is very effective; (5.) the Musicianship Patterns are a joy to study and learn; (6.) The method really works; (7.) I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning the piano FAST; (8.) After six months, I can play music in all keys. NV. Adult Student I feel this course moves you at a rapid pace in learning key technique. It is an interesting format and makes the practice fun, as I am a senior that has tried to teach herself, I find the method has really helped me to understand and move forward, not only learning basics of the piano, but playing songs and having fun. NV, 70 years old. We started our son at the age of nine years, and he enjoyed the way you can play, even in the first month of learning the piano, using all 88-keys. Our son went to advanced levels within the first six months, like studying original arrangement of the "Rhapsody In Blue" by Gershwin. As parents, we highly recommend this wonderful way of learning the piano, without having to study years and years. Our son plans to be a performer of piano someday, and he has a head-start, because of this program in piano [I have a audio of this on YouTube] Daniel, CA As a Certified Bon's-Way Piano Teacher, my students love this course, because it is "FASTRAK" and a complete educational course for piano. Excellent program and it really works. This piano course should be offered in all Universities! SD, Student Teacher I asked my Professor, "Where did you get this wonderful program, showing all the beauties in music?" He replied, "My family is from Europe and this piano course was handed down through our family for many generations (unpublished work), back to the great masters. CA Kathy Carmichael, Masters Degree, "A better program for piano students --- love it!" Colo. Belinda Weaver, adultstudent, who wants now to get a her BA Degree in Music. NV Martha Sizemore, piano teacher 30 years, "I have furthered my education by studying this course --- wonderful! FL Arlee Searcy, Masters Degree "Love teaching this program." AK Carla Monroe, would like to teach and learn more for herself. IL Mariano Lee, Masters Degree "Love seeing my students excel so fast through this course of study.” FL COMMENT BY ONE OF MY SKYPE STUDENTS: I am glad to recommend you as a good piano teacher, who can give lessons over the phone. I was skeptical at first, but I am very satisfied with how it has gone for me the past several months. I have had many ask me how it works as well. I feel you can detect easily if I am doing anything wrong and correct me. You even seem to notice if my fingering is wrong. I do thank you for your patience with me and for being willing to take me on as a student. I have enjoyed having you for a teacher and would highly recommend you to any that would be interested in trying it. I think they would find, as I have, that it can be done by phone and done very well. -- Joyce Sanger -- SD (She is a graduate of this piano course, completing where she can pick up any music in Advanced levels and play) ALL FIRST YEAR STUDENTS OF 2001, WHO ARE PLAYING SONGS LIKE TAKING LESSONS FOR 3-5 YEARS: Adam [young person], “Chariots Of Fire and Exodus.” Cassia, Elisha, and Father, Oswaldo [family] 2-months, “Fur Elise,” and starting “A Time For Us.” John L. [Adult takes phone-lessons] “Moonlight Sonata.” Scott & Beth A. [young person] in 6-months playing arrangements by Dino Kartsonakis. Other students that only had 1-2 years of music, within the first year, they are playing Advanced Arrangements and playing for their churches. All my students within 6-months to 1-year, were playing for their churches. DAVID SEIGAL, from NYC AUTHOR OF “PLAY PIANO LIKE A PRO,” I always wanted a complete study of piano, met Prof. Woodruff in 1993, and after studying this program I was able to see the whole picture. Now, I author my own piano course of study, which the Prof. recommends. Bon’s-Way is the most complete study on the market today. He also teaches my piano system in NYC. Link in to: www.LinkedIn.com for a complete look at me. Dr. Bonnie J. Woodruff, PhD Music Education